Constructional Timber

Our constructional timber is cut from top quality European softwood. Depending on the usage purpose the customer can choose between SAWN and GRADED TIMBER. All timber can be cut to specific measurements on request. Standard length timber is sawn and cut up to 6m. There is a possibility to cut pieces up to 12 m, however the price will change accordingly.
Sawn timber in our offer comes treated and it is cut to requested dimensions. The cost of treated sawn timber comes at £315 per m³. Pressure-treatment and planning is charged extra.
Our graded timber C16 and C24 complies with European Commission Standard – EN BS 14081-1:2005.
C16 and C24 are structural grades denoting strength and weight bearing of timber used in roof, floor and wall structures.
On delivery the customer receives a certificate that specifies strength grade of timber ordered from our store.
C16 and C24 cost £365 per m³.

We specialise in wholesale timber supply therefore the minimum order is a full truck load which is about 30 m³. You can mix and match which means that you can order a full truck load of constructional timber of various dimensions.
Additionally we can provide our customers with a complete timber selection for roof building cut for an individual project. Prices will change according to the specific order. Please contact us for further details via email or telephone.
The customer can estimate the price for the given product using our easy-to-use Timber Calculator.

Prices include delivery charge; however the customer needs to ensure the unloading arrangements.

Please note that due to the nature of our business we offer only a full truck load order which can range from 15m³.
For other amounts please contact us directly so we can quote the price accordingly.

                                                                                            TIMBER CALCULATOR

Sizes (mm) Options Quantity
* Thickness:
18mm - 250mm
* Width:
18mm - 250mm
* Length:
1000mm - 6000mm
* Treatment:

* Planing:


NOTE: Due to the nature of the product the calculator respects the order amounts ranging from 15 m³.
Price: £0.00 (£315.00/m³)
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